BREAKING NEWS: The Secret Behind Santa’s Reindeers’ Magic Powers has Been Discovered by the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland and Santa’s Elves

Since the very first Christmas on December 25 AD 336, boys and girls have left carrots out for Rudolph on Christmas Eve. Until now, it was not known why carrots are so important for reindeer on Christmas Eve. However, over the last number of years, scientists from the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland (NRCI) at the South East Technological University have been working with Santa Claus and his elves to uncover the magic ingredient present in carrots that help the reindeer to see and remember  all houses for all the boys and girls, and from all over the world, on Christmas eve. The exciting news is that the scientists and elves have identified the special ingredients, which are known as carotenoids. Carotenoids are natural pigments found in healthy foods, fruit and vegetables (including carrots), which can now be provided to the reindeer on Christmas eve using a magic formula created by the team. The scientists also discovered that the carotenoids have special powers that can enhance vision and brain health in people also, so this breakthrough is also important for boys and girls, and mams and dads, as they must eat healthy food so that they can have good vision and brain health, just like Rudolph and the elves.

Excited about this discover, Santa Claus arranged a Christmas party for the scientists and their families at the NRCI, and made a surprise visit to the NRCI to thank the team for all their hard work. He collected the magic carotenoid formula to bring back to the north pole, and is now very busy, but ready for Christmas eve.

Speaking about the discovery, Professor John Nolan, the Director of the NRCI, said “We are very excited about this discovery and we are delighted that Santa’s Reindeer will have perfect vision and memory this Christmas eve. It is also very important that that boys and girls now understand why eating healthy foods, containing carotenoids (carrots, broccoli, corn, bananas, apples, for example), is so important for healthy vision and brain health. We look forward to helping Santa Claus for many years to come, and we will continue to provide the carotenoid formula; so we will be busy.

Santa Claus said, “We are very grateful to the scientists at the NRCI for all their work. I also now like healthy foods and take the carotenoids formula, but will still have cookies on Christmas eve! Rudolph enjoys the carotenoid formula too, and especially likes meso-zeaxanthin. The elves tell me that this carotenoid has extra special powers”.