Dr Nicole Stringham

Visiting Scholar


Dr. Nicole Stringham is currently a Visiting Research Scholar at the Nutrition Research Center Ireland (NRCI) at the WIT.  She holds a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary neuroscience and a Master’s degree in psychology from the University of Georgia, and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Utah.  Dr. Stringham completed her postdoctoral training at Duke University School of Medicine and was subsequently promoted to Assistant Professor of the Practice.  She taught science courses (anatomy, physiology, histology, and neuroscience) within the Duke pre-clinical curriculum and the Master of Biomedical Sciences program; in addition to her education research at Duke, she began an collaborative investigation involving role of dietary carotenoids in evolutionary medicine.

At the NRCI, Dr. Stringham aims to utilize her interdisciplinary research background to characterize the effects of xanthophyll (macular) carotenoid supplementation; particularly as applied to immunomodulation and cardiovascular health.  Dr. Stringham’s doctoral and post-doctoral work characterized several beneficial effects of macular carotenoid supplementation including, improved neural health, enhanced visual and cognitive performance, reduced systemic cortisol (i.e., stress), and a reduction in inflammatory cytokines.  Her current research aims to extend those findings and provide potential application for improved health and prevention of disease.

In addition to her appointment at the NRCI, Dr. Stringham mentors and supervises students at Northern Arizona University and is co-chair of the Brain and Ocular Nutrition Conference Early Investigators Society.